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Latest News: Ryan Donovan to use CML Products for 2012 (2073 Reads)
Posted by admin on Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 02:36 AM

CML Distribution

CML are pleased to announce and welcome onboard Ryan Donovan for the 2012 racing season, Ryan's JQ/Argus combo will now be powered with Byron fuel, Pro-Line tyres and accessories, Savox servos and Fastrax products. Ryan had this to say, "After several conversations with fellow racers regarding the different fuels on the market it was clear Byron fuel was at the top of the list and after a recent test session the performance and reliability was obvious.

With the ever so popular Pro-Line constantly improving there range of tyres and accessories, fantastic results both here in the UK and worldwide it was clear Pro-Line still have the edge on there competitors despite the many new brands on the market. I've been using Savox servos for the last 12 months and had some great results, the quality, performance and reliability is by far the best on the market. Fastrax is a great brand with exciting products. I would just like to thank CML for there past support and service over the years and look forward to using there products for the foreseeable future"

Good luck from all the team at CML.

Source : CML


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Latest News: Willets to Pro-Line (1285 Reads)
Posted by admin on Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 02:33 AM

CML Distribution

Simon, one of the most consistent drivers in the UK and Europe, is hoping the switch will improve his chances of a top finish as well at this years 2012 European Championships in Austria and World Championships in Argentina.

On joining the Pro-Line team Simon said "Regardless of the many new tyre brands that are now on the market, I still see Pro-Line as the leaders and original innovators in tyre and accessories. Their dedication to their product means I have every confidence in Pro-Line giving me the best opportunity to improve and become faster."

CML Distribution and Pro-Line Racing welcome him to the team.

Source : CML


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Latest News: 2012 Nitro Challenge Jconcepts (1359 Reads)
Posted by admin on Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 02:24 AM


2012 Nitro Challenge

We are on our way to the biggest and baddest Nitro race of the year. John Piant and I are full steam ahead to the Dirt Nitro Challenge at the Fear Farm in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s been quite a long flight so far coming from Florida. It just seems for some reason we’ve been traveling too long already. Maybe it’s just that we are arriving so early compared with other races where we have been flying in on a Thursday for Friday practice. It must be a big race when you are flying on a Tuesday.


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Latest News: Team C Haley News (859 Reads)
Posted by admin on Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 01:55 AM news

Ian Haley Team C T8

TEAM C T8 optioned
Team C factory driver Ian Haley has just received some very nice option parts for his T8.
Ian`s car at the moment already has alloy rear hubs, castor blocks, diff cross pins and steering posts.
The additions seen here include many light weight parts:
3mm 7075 Chassis, Centre drive shafts, +1mm Hexes & Wheel Nuts, Titanium turnbuckles, Kevlar insert kit,
5x1.2mm inclined hole shock pistons,
Alloy CVD Outdrives, 5mm Carbon Towers, Carbon front & centre plates,
Option alloy smooth faced clutch shoes.
All parts are available from

Source :


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Race Events: SRS 2012 Series (1882 Reads)
Posted by admin on Thursday, February 16, 2012 - 02:45 PM news

Piraterc SRS 2012

As announced previously, we will have 5 rounds this year, with your best 3 to count.

Dates and venues as follows:

13 May - Herts
3 June - Swindon
15 July - Kent
5 August - Adur
2 September - Clanfield

Links above to each club's web site for details on location/facilities etc for those who may not know all the clubs involved.

Booking in will be via RC Race Control and I'll post up the link as soon as I've sorted the final details and opened entry.

I'm including seperate entry classes for rallycross, electric rallycross and truggy so I can get a better idea of numbers - please ensure you select the correct class and include all the requested information!!

In case you're not aware, using RC Race Contol incurs fees for the organisers for each person that books in, whether they turn up on the day and pay or not. Could I please therefore ask that you only book in if you fully intend to turn up. If your plans change then please withdraw your entry before the cut-off date. If I get a lot of people not showing up without explanation beforehand I will cancel their future entries as a precaution.

Looking forward to a great summer of racing#



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