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Topic: New digital radio
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New Stuff: Sensor system (791 Reads)
Posted by admin on Monday, July 25, 2005 - 01:50 PM

Sensor Radio System The Sensor system is the first two way digital radio control system for the RC hobbyist. Nomadio has integrated today's highly developed wireless networking technology into the world of RC and the results will astound you.

Realtime telemetry from your car
The Sensor system supercharges your RC experience by "putting you in the car while you drive it".

Just like a NASCAR or Indy car, you get constant information from your car on how fast it's going, how the batteries are holding up, and how hot your engines and batteries are getting.

Since we wouldn't expect a NASCAR driver to watch a screen to see what his telemetry is saying, we don't expect you to either. Sensor communicates with you using sound and touch, as well as its screen.

It can warn you by vibrating like a cell phone when your engine is over temperature. It can say anything you want (even using your own voice!) to tell you when your batteries are getting low or when you reach a certain speed in the straightaway.

Use your PC to set it up
You can totally customize how and when it tells you all this information too - Sensor connects to your PC and you can design your own sounds and screens for it. Rather than make you wade through multiple levels of menus on the small screen, Sensor lets you set up all of its features easily on your PC's screen.

Of course, you can adjust everything easily at the race using Sensor's high resolution graphic screen. It's a far step from the tiny text-based displays on today's crystal radios.

No more frequency clips, crystals or conflicts
While we were developing this great new radio system, we solved a lot of problems with old crystal radio technology to make RC easier and more fun. Sensor uses all new, fully digital radio systems and protocols, and it uniquely identifies your car.

You'll never ruin anyone else's race by accident and more importantly, nobody else can drive your car or ruin your race. It's legal, too... ROAR has already approved Sensor for use in ROAR events.

What about basics, like expos, dual rate, etc?
Of course, if Sensor didn't provide all the features you expect in a top-shelf RC controller, none of this great stuff would matter. Sensor provides all the dual rate, exponential curves, trims, and car memories that today's top radios do. The fact is that Sensor meets or exceeds the specs of the top controllers on the market in every way.

It's a complete kit
The Sensor system is truly a "ready to run" radio controller system, unlike typical RC radios that force you to buy separate receivers, crystals, and batteries.

You get the controller, rechargeable NiMH batteries, a charger, speed, temperature and voltage sensors for your car and of course a reciever/transmitter for your car. You also get a cable to connect the Sensor to your PC, and a CD-ROM that is full of PC software, hundreds of sounds that you can use or customize to make your own.

If you add up all the typical parts costs to equip a crystal RC car, you'l be surprised to find that Sensor system actually costs less than a top of the line RTR crystal system. Then if you include the cost of add-in telemetry systems, Sensor begins to look like a total bargain.

What about compatibility?
Even though the Sensor system makes all one-way crystal radios obsolete, it was designed to peacefully co-exist with crystal radios. It's all done in software, no crystals ever again!

With Sensor in your hand, you just turn it on and drive... smarter!


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