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Losi 8ight T


Losi 8ight T Assembly Review: By PIRATERC


Following on from a very successful launch of the Losi 8ight buggy we now have the first of the new LOSI 8IGHT T Truggies arriving in the
UK.  From what the world has seen what the new 8-T can do in the hands of Adam Drake and his fellow Team Losi Drivers, This should prove to be a top contender for the 2007 race season.The 8-T comes as a new concept namely Race Rollers are the latest innovation from Team Losi. Combining cutting-edge vehicle design with precise, at-the-factory assembly, Race Rollers are dialed right out of the box.



Upon opening the box first impressions are rather pleasing as it is very well packaged. I was rather pleased to see that the body shell was alreadycut out and fitted. It would simply need to be sent off to be painted and no cutting out required.<O:P> As a race roller there is still a few things you need to do so with out further adeu lets get started with the few bits needed to complete the Truggy in order to get out to the track for the best part TESTING.





Lets take a look at the Specifications of this new Truggy

Product Specifications


Beginning with the blueprints for the world’s most innovative race buggy, Team Losi set out to design a true competition Truggy that would continue the 8IGHT legacy. Created with passion and perfected by obsession, the 8IGHT-T will redefine Truggy racing with what might be called an unfair advantage. The 8IGHT-T Race Roller is the first competition-level, performance-built truggy based on Team Losi’s ground-breaking 4WD nitro platform. The Team Losi 8IGHT-T features the centrally mounted motor, oversized shocks, ultra-narrow chassis configuration, 4-shoe clutch and many more ingenious features that yield both performance and durability you can’t find in other truggy designs.

And Team Losi has gone one step further, offering this innovative new race chassis pre-built and pro-tuned. Using track-tested tuning setups from top nitro racers, the Truggy is professionally dialed and assembled in a race-ready configuration. All you have to add is an engine and radio system, then take the track by storm. The 8IGHT-T brings the latest high-tech components and pro-level race parts to the truggy class, complete with a long list of features that are only available as options on other trucks. The revolutionary drivetrain, meticulous attention to detail and brilliant design are simply unmatched. The 8IGHT-T offers the enthusiast a 21st century off-road racer that is easy to tune, easy to maintain, and most of all easy to drive fast.

368.3 - 372.1mm
8.45lb (dry)
Race Roller
Pre Cut (Unpainted)
Fuel Capacity


Equipment I will be using to complete the truggy is as follows:


Radio Sanwa M11
Servo's Sanwa ERG - VX
Reciever Spektrum DSM
Engine RB Concept WS7 III
Pipe JP - 2
Fuel Byron 30%
Bodyshell "Painted By" Leon Cook ( Airbrush Showcase )


Lets have a look at the parts that require assembely



Click Picture For Large Image


Click Picture For Large Image


Click Picture For Large Image

Radio Tray

Clutch, Engine Mount and

Air filter

Optional Springs, Spare front and rear sway bars "anti roll bars", pistons, clutch springs, plug/ wheel spanner and some allen keys.



Using borrowed imperial Allen keys in addition to the ones provided with the kit, as I have metric hudy tools only a slight negative but not a big deal as purchasing this kit I knew this was going to be the case. I set to work assembling the radio tray.



Click Picture For Large Image


Click Picture For Large Image

Above we can see the radio tray with the switch installed "Note Switch is not provided with the kit" Radio Tray with the two servos installed


Click Picture For Large Image


Click Picture For Large Image

This is where I chose to mount the Transponder Top View with transponder Mounted




There is an option to install a switch into the radio tray or you may simply choose to install the blanking plate and have no switch at all. I find it a lot easier to have the switch and as you can see from the pictures above its a simple installation.



Servo assembly very strait forward be sure to take note of the servo make and model as there is guidelines provided on page 23 of your manual to use a servo spacer or not and the correct servo horn top select. 


Now because I do race the requirement to have a transponder to count your laps is imperative. This is something that is not in the manual but needs to be added to the truggy. So with a little help from Adam Drake namely looking at a picture I had taken of his Losi 8ight at the "Novarossi Raceway GP" Last year  The mounting bracket on the transponder that sticks out will need to be trimmed off as it rubs against the stone guards.





Click Picture For Large Image

Adam Drake's Losi 8ight where the transponder is clearly mounted.


Having assembled the radio tray and now added it to the truggy there was a few interesting additions namely the provided "battery foam pad" which is something I have always had to add to any rc kits I have built. assembly was seamless and very straight forward following the instructions. One little snag was having to remove the switch which is not supplied twice as I overlooked the instruction to feed the servo cables through the receiver box before fastening the switch in place.



Click Picture For Large Image

Radio Tray Assembled and Mounted.


With all the above completed its now time to move onto the engine "RB Concept WS7 III" chosen and get all setup. There was a requirement to turn the carb slightly to allow clearance between the bellows and the centre diff housing. with this done it was time to add power and check all the electrics functioned as required. Additionally setup the radio for the new truggy. With some minor adjustments and slight amendments to the throttle and brake linkages this job was complete. The steering servo setup was no issues at all simply placing the servo horn onto the servo with the steering set straight. There may be a few minor adjustments to achieve the precise setup but this will be done on the track.



Click Picture For Large Image


Click Picture For Large Image

Truggy Completed Truggy with Pre Cut Body Shell






Assembly Rating
Race Roller Rating
Manual (for the required assembly)
Initial Impression
Rating is out of 5

Race Roller a very nice concept
Pre Cut Body Shell
Nice easy instructions to follow
Full Losi Clutch provided with a 2 ali / 2 carbon setup
New XTT tire designed specially for truggy-class racing (part of the kit)
Removable one-piece radio tray with separate boxes for the receiver and battery
Sealed front and rear differential housings keep dirt out of the gears

No instructions on where to mount or how to mount a transponder
No switch provided in the kit
Would be nice to have an option to purchase a complete kit build
The UK version to have metric screws and nuts




Truggy Completed and ready for Testing

Part 2 The Race Track To Follow Soon



Added:  Friday, March 09, 2007
Reviewer:  Piraterc
hits: 6123
Language: eng


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