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Race day and everything was ready to test out the Losi 8ight T and see what it
could do. Preparing the truggy to get out onto the Novarossi Raceway astro turf
surface race track, I noticed that the front end was locked up rather bemused by
this, as the day before there were no problems at all when I started the truggy
up on the starter box.

Upon further inspection it was noticed that the front brakes were locked up.
Using a screwdriver to help unlock the brake pads which were caught on the
screws it freed off again. So without further hesitation it was straight out and
onto the track.

I was initially taken back by how nimble this truggy was and found myself
driving rather well round the track thinking wow this is by far better than my
Rallycross buggy. Then on lap 2 the brakes started to bind on the front end
causing erratic behavior. So immediately decided to bring it in to inspect what
was causing the permanent front end braking problems.

On further inspection again the front brake pads were locking up the front
breaks. So with further adieu the adjustment was made. Adjusting the break pad
screws to allow more movement on the brake pads preventing the lockup issue.

There is now a hop up available to combat this problem produced by Trinity


Trinity Spring Things

It was back out to the track and to put the truggy through its paces once more.

The big shocks that Losi equipped the truggy with worked very well over the
series of jumps along the back straight of Novarossi Raceway allowing for it to
be taken with ease in a really nice rhythm of jump roll accelerate jump jump

The large shocks allowed truggy to soak up the bumps whether you ran through it
at a controlled pace, or if you chose to combine the bumps into pairs. The
stability was simply incredible, and pointed to how well of an overall package
Losi has put together,

The shocks, sway bars, and tires just simply worked very well together allowing
the truggy to soak the corners up with ease

The Losi 8ight T Race roller as a very capable performer and will prove a very
avid competitor on the racetrack. The RB WS7 III engine powered the truggy with
immense speed along the main straight, additionally its agile performance
throughout the infield combined with the jumping abilities this truggy proved
itself very competitive straight out the box.

The best description I can think of is this truggy boasts excellent handling and
is very responsive on the high grip astro turf surface.

Taking the first few laps cautious I found truggy to be a pleasure to drive and
slowly opened up to race pace. The 8-T was extremely fast through the infields
and literally flew over the jumps.

The standard kit tyres on a dry astro surface this truggy was dialed in from the
word go. The XTT tyres proved to be just right for the track and provided just
the right level of grip although there were the occasional bits of grip roll
experienced when attempting to take a corner too fast and too tight, along with
loss of traction causing the back end to slide out when taking a corner wide and
veering onto the loose fine sand.

Losi 8ight - T under race conditions

Achieving two completely faultless rounds of qualification with no problems at
all. Round 3 brought problems with power loss under acceleration upon further
inspection the front clutch bearing had started to breakup and the clutch was
slipping really badly. Replaced clutch bearings and replaced all 4 clutch shoes
with Ali ones due to the wear on the original shoes. A rather fast £25 spent

Onto the final and well the truggy performed really well for the first 20 mins
then things started to go wrong the steering was becoming less and less
responsive eventually there was hardly any steering at all. Finished the A final
in 9th place a result for the first time out in proper race conditions.

On further inspection after the race the servo saver had completely unwound
itself. Additionally the throttle/break servo had broken the internal gears (two
options avail replace internal gears at a cost of £32.99 or purchase a new
servo) further issues experienced are the steering rods keep popping off the
ball cups when you experience an awkward landing or crash.

Second race event out with the Losi 8ight - T truggy proved to be a really good
experience where by it performed faultlessly throughout the 3 rounds of
qualification allowing solid lap times and a faultless performance.

Onto the A final not having the best of starts and being taken out 4 times on
the first lap buy wayward truggies the long hard climb back through the very
congested array of assorted makes of truggies commenced. The steering rods
popped off twice after some rather hard crashes but quick thinking marshals soon
had them re attached and I was back in the race. This was brought to an abrupt
end when 12 minutes into the race a total steering failure occurred and as a
result the withdrawal from the Final was the only option.

This truggy has the ability to be a solid contender in any race provided you
have the right setup along with the skill. Additionally it will elevate your
racing to new heights.

Recommended Additional extras:

Servo tray stiffener ( king headz) This Rear Radio Tray Stiffener is CNC
machined from 7075 aircraft grade aluminium and Anodized. These are designed to
increase rigidity and add strength around the throttle servo. The stiffener only
raises the servo by .055". Price $19.99

Trinity Spring Things for the brakes

Spare servos

Make sure you use liquid threadlock to secure the servo saver as this tends to
unwind causing loss of steering.

Added:  Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Reviewer:  Webmaster
hits: 3328
Language: eng


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