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The man behind the Pit Buddy "Paul Beard"

The idea came from seeing guys with pieces of wood with old seat belts attached to them and an old bean can screwed to it!! I then looked on the internet to see if I could buy one, but to no avail, As an engineering designer I looked into the possibility of making a unit from aluminium, but as costs are with aluminium and then of course anodizing it to protect it from corrosion the cost would have been £ 80.00 plus, and also it would have weighed upwards of 2 ½ kilos in weight.

I then looked into plastics and after trying various acrylics etc, which looked great, but as soon as you knock it or drop it just shatters. I then looked into specialist plastics, my first concern after the strength and lightness was that it could withstand nitro fuel as no one would want to buy a brand new unit and melt it on there first use.

This caused all sorts of problems but finally I tracked some special material down in Switzerland that fitted the bill. After extensive testing by pouring fuel on to a test piece and leaving it for a week we realized we had the right material. We also tested the material for strength by driving a 4 x 4 car over it, and although as expected it flattened it, the material stayed intact without any cracking or fracturing.

Only then did we make the first prototype and tested it for usability, after two more prototypes, perfecting the design and getting input from other drivers we finally came up with the Pit Buddy you see today. All the materials are top quality; even the screws are top grade stainless steel. All this took five months to evolve from the first idea. And now you can all benefit from it!!!!


Upon opening the box you are presented with a really well packaged product that will ensure your pitbuddy is in perfect condition.

Once the packaging is removed you are presented with the contents looking good cannot wait to see this new addition to my racing gear assembled and ready for action.

The Contents are simple enough and you can immediately see that minimal assembly is required. Using top quality materials, no expense has been spared by cheap alternatives.

Following the very nicely written and straight forward provided instructions it took me approximately 5 min's to fully assemble. Then came the fun part of aligning the starter box and securing it with the velcro provided. Make sure the feet of your starter box are rubber as if its the hard plastic feet you will get slight movement. Then simply add your truggy or buggy I used my "Xray XT8" truggy as this is the class I am currently racing. Aligning the truggy correctly was about the hardest part and with a few slight adjustments I had everything setup just right. Truggy on and tools added looking really good.

So simple yet so effective light weight and practical this will make race days a whole lot easier. no more filling your pockets with your glow starter, screwdriver and wheel spanner, trying to juggle your radio starter box and fuel bottle in your hands.

A very cool asset to your rc pit kit indeed!

Having attended my first race meeting with my pitbuddy i can only say what a welcome addition to my racing gear its so simple yet so effective lugging your stuff to and from the pit bench. Simply pick up your pitbuddy along with your radio and off you go handing over to your pit crew was never so easy. All your equipment in place and thus not allowing you to forget anything back at your pit table. I have additionally made one modification to my pitbuddy and this is the addition of a nice chunk of foam dimensions 10cm x 10cm x 11cm which sits very snugly under all your tools preventing them from jiggling around and keeping everything really nice and securely seated in there designated places in my pitbuddy.



During racing I unfortunately had the experience of a broken fuel tank which doubled up as a test for the nitro proof material of the pit buddy which came out with flying colours and no side effects from the entire contents of my broken fuel tank spilled all over it.

This is a must have item and a perfect christmas present and at £39.99 it suits anyone's budget

Piraterc Rating 9/10



Added:  Monday, November 19, 2007
Reviewer:  Site Admin
Related web link:  Gadget-RC
hits: 5422
Language: eng


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