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Piraterc Reviews the Xray 2011


The Xray 2011 long awaited by the faithful, performance wise just tweaks but is
it enough to persuade others. I had the opportunity to build a 2011 production
kit so a chance for a small review on the changes, has it differed much from
what was seen last year in proto type stuff snapped by myself the eagle eyed Mr
Pirate / bird watcher.


From the offset went well & all packaging as per the normal Xray quality. The
bags internally marked well with just the correct amount of parts to meet the
task so things will just fall together. As in previous years an additional sheet
is included to show running changes, but this time now comes more as a book than
a page so maybe a time to revamp the manual as eight pages takes the
supplementary sheet fraise a little to far.

Diffs built & no changes here in design or parts but they are a proven item, I
shimmed these using the tip section from the xray forum as this made for an easy
assembly. The gearbox was now the next item & all assembled showing one of the
major changes to the drive shafts. Back to the old tried & tested method of
pinion assembly & external cvd coupling, its a design that's be proven for years
on the older xray range just not as fancy but reliable. Shame in this area as a
missed opportunity of either a pin retaining cover or slot in the drive pin.
With already slipping pins mentioned in some forums I took this opportunity to
grind a small flat to allow for the grub screw to lock, just an old school
trick. The XT8 truggy is now included with slotted drive pins why oh why not the
2011 buggy, maybe a running change to look forward to.


Piraterc Xray 2011 Spec Review

Piraterc Xray 2011 Spec Review


With front & rear assemblies now built things are starting to take shape & a new
upgrade in the lower suspension holders. Very Kyosho/Mugen look here with square
inserts, this allows for greater adjustability on toe, rake, roll centre &
track. A pro's dream or clubman's nightmare ? 17 different options in position
sounds allot but can only see a handfull being used really in the grand scheme
of things. A first for Xray to include what would normally be classed as an
option item as std so a positive for the kit but catching up really with the
times of other manufacturers who have included this type of thing as std for a
while now.


Piraterc Xray 2011 Spec Review


The rear brace has been beefed up to reduce flex & altered to allow clearance
for the cvd.


Things now being added to the chassis which itself has some tweaks to allow more
twisting laterally put reduced along the length well so we are told, very hard
to see unless a 2010 & 11 are put along side each other. The centre diff
assembly remains the same in brake design but again proven & problem free.


Piraterc Xray 2011 Spec Review


The shocks tweaked a little with new orange orings & included large volume
ribbed membranes, this made assembly & filling very easy giving a consistent
rebound. The shocks now come with different shock ball joints, std & a beefed up
version so gives you the choice of what you want to run .


Radio tray layout & position is now different but area's still need attention &
xray need to do some more homework. Not all servo's are the same height & the
Sanwa throttle servo I have to fit came from a 2010 car but did not fit the
2011. Other manufacturers include spacers in the kit for such an occasion &
thank god for them, but this was still not enough as the new tray & servo
position sits even further over the side guard. Xray & dremel is something that
does not normally go together but was the case this time. Disappointed but the
only way clearance could be given to the chassis / side guard, I also had to use
some 3mm of spacers under the servo lugs to raise it but anymore would now foul
the body & cause problems on the linkages. A change also to the receiver box &
again missed opportunity as this design will still allow water in as its no
different to older versions. The forum says Xray wants' you, an opportunity for
ideas from the racers shame as these ideas have not gone into practice.


The V3 fuel tank is a proven item & engine mounts have not changed.


Piraterc Xray 2011 Spec Review


New style clutch bell now used with the dust guards shame the cover was not
included as the sheet showed exactly how to fit it, but as an item looked good
in the picture.

The new design body shell from the pictures had the thoughts & definite love
hate thing like the bulldog bodies but in the flesh very sleek. Without a
sprayed up version cannot really do it justice so will leave you to make up your
own minds.


Piraterc Xray 2011 Spec Review


The kit now all built looking very sleek & back to black, changes have been made
to roll bars, oils & shock pistons default setting. Seems the team drivers
getting the input this time with a more universal setup.


For me & the build very pleasurable with the ease of how it falls together, the
feel of the plastic, general design & quality. Xray & quality is something that
should always be in the same sentence as you know what you will get & always a
class leader in this area.

Disappointment on many oversights though with what seems a rushed kit to get it
out to meet deadlines, In a tough market Xray had the opportunity to address
little issues but left wanting. Will it sell ? personally to the faithful yes,
to the new racer I have mixed thoughts as it looks really no different! other
than a new shell, with only one issue changed that visible being the pinion /
driveshaft the Xray 2011 spec has nothing new to offer to truly entice the
potential new owner away from all of the other new kits on the market. With
tough times in the market only time will tell if the racer wants old faithful or
the new kid on the block.


Piraterc overall rating 6/10.

Added:  Wednesday, April 06, 2011
Reviewer:  Site Admin
hits: 764


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