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Category: Start / General Radio Control Sites

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bbksoftware  Popular
bbkRC is a Club Management and Race Administration and Timing program for use on PC Compatible Computers.
Added on: 28-Apr-2005 | hits: 803
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British Radio Car Association  Popular
The British Radio Car Association is the UK's governing body for radio controlled model car racing. We oversee all aspects of the sport, from setting construction rules to organising British championship events, to selecting the British team for International competitions
Added on: 05-May-2005 | hits: 540
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Demon Products  Popular
Demon Power Products Online Shop
Added on: 21-Jun-2006 | hits: 654
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DoughtyUK  Popular
Chris Doughty site
Added on: 19-Dec-2006 | hits: 628
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Heli Guy  Popular is owned and operated by Colena Ltd (UK) and our shop premises and registered business address are below. We are a cheap rc helicopter shop offering full spares support with good quality back up. We get lot´s of repeat business and our marketing is predominantly referrals from our present customers.
Added on: 12-Jul-2007 | hits: 682
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jaredtebo  Popular
Ever want to know what it would be like to be Jared Tebo? You can see it here. You will get a front row seat to all his race recaps, new products and anything Jared Tebo.
Added on: 23-May-2006 | hits: 1287
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jateam  Popular
JATEAM will be bringing you all the details from the 2006 IFMAR I.C. 1/8 OFF-ROAD World Championship
Added on: 11-Aug-2006 | hits: 670
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Nice online Blog discussing RC Cars and Stuff
Added on: 05-Sep-2008 | hits: 427
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Nitronutterz  Popular
Welcome to, a website dedicated to nitro r/c in the UK. We are here to offer help and tips on nitro r/c cars, trucks and buggies, our forums are a great source of information and as time goes by and more members join there will be even more help and advice posted up untill we have a huge database that will help anyone who is getting into the hobby or even those with more experience that are unsure of something.
Added on: 13-Mar-2008 | hits: 849
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OOPLE  Popular
Great RC photo site
Added on: 17-Dec-2006 | hits: 754
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Racer Magazine  Popular
Racer Magazine
Added on: 09-Jan-2007 | hits: 455
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spektrumrc  Popular
AM, FM, PCM and now DSM. Spektrum’s newly released DSM (Digital Spectrum Modulation) system advances RC radio technology to the next generation. Based on an optimized version of Direct Sequencing Spread Spectrum, DSM offers pure digital control providing an impenetrable radio link that’s immune to all types of interference. And with 4096 bit resolution and 5.6ms response time, the DSM system offers seemingly infinite accuracy and instantaneous response for a totally connected driving experience.
Added on: 28-Apr-2005 | hits: 426
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tohellwithgoodintentions  Popular
This Blog is the diary of my learning curve in racing and running 1/8 scale Nitro Buggies. Starting with purchasing an already well raced Kyosho Inferno in the states, running in my first engine and learning to drive on tracks in Southern California to returning to the U.K and having my first race meeting… then who knows where. This more of a diary for myself but if it gives anyone some reading pleasure along the way, then that’s great. Hopefully some of it will help someone somewhere as i am trying to document what i learn as i go from scratch…
Added on: 08-Oct-2008 | hits: 340
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