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Category: Start / Product Websites
This is links direct to the manufactures websites in order to get more information about there product lines

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Sites currently sorted by: Title (A to Z)

Airtronics  Popular
Radio control systems
Added on: 20-Sep-2005 | hits: 409
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AMMO Fuel  Popular
AMMO RC race fuel has been developed over more than a years’ worth of constant track testing and numerous rounds of development; blend after blend has been tested and proven until we narrowed down the final AMMO formula that we offer racers today. All our back to back ‘blind’ tests, with numerous drivers of all levels, show that AMMO fuel is as good as any fuel out there, for feel, power, cooling, tuning and stability on long runs. In many cases AMMO fuel achieved better cooling than some of the established brands, allowing you to lean out a little more and get valuable extra time from each tank of AMMO.
Added on: 21-Jan-2011 | hits: 2275
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Ansmann Racing UK LTD  Popular
Model making has always been one of the most fascinating hobbies. ANSMANN RACING, a division with an office in the “toy capital” Nuremberg, offers professional items for hobbyists at an attractive price/performance ratio. Rechargeable batteries and chargers for the RC car range have already been an important part in the product portfolio for many years and now there are new products including spares and accessories right up to the complete Nitro or Electric Cars. More recently model boats have been added for the sailing enthusiast.
Added on: 03-Apr-2008 | hits: 627
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Answer-RC  Popular
UK RC Based Distribution Company
Added on: 22-May-2008 | hits: 1311
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BCE Speed  Popular
BCE Speed, The home of high quality RC Racing Parts
Added on: 28-Aug-2008 | hits: 796
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Casterracing  Popular
Caster Racing Tech Corp, establish in 2004 ( has been involove with manufacture and OEM RC related RC products. Our intensions are to synchronize its RC OEM manufacturing experiences and expertise of R/C. Our vision is to make a affordable RC products to the general public. Caster Racing Team is constantly designing and improving our products. Our products are sold through our exclusive distributors around the world. In addition, our exclusive distributors are taking care of their local hobby shops and end users. We know that local hobby shops are the best place to find the products and spare parts in short time.
Added on: 26-Oct-2005 | hits: 503
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cmldistribution  Popular
CML does not sell direct to the retail sector. This is a conscious decision allowing our 17 employees to concentrate solely on importing and supplying the UK's many hobby and model shops. Of course the idea behind this website is to allow you to view the products that we import, and then order through a local dealer. Look out soon for further information updates on spares, manuals and various informative articles centred around our brands. We want to think that this can become more than just an online catalogue.
Added on: 19-Dec-2006 | hits: 477
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DE Racing  Popular
DE Racing believes that a car's chassis is not a wear item. Our rear skid plates reinforce this concept by providing a high performance solution in protecting your expensive 1/8 scale buggy or truggy chassis.
Added on: 25-May-2008 | hits: 872
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extremestandz  Popular
eXtreme standZ™ was started to give the R/C community a work/display stand that has more than one function at an affordable price. At eXtreme standZ™ we are proud of our reputation for great customer service and quality control. Each of our standZ are injection molded, made in the U.S.A., and include an unprecedented 3 year Warranty.
Added on: 26-Sep-2005 | hits: 615
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Futaba  Popular
Over a quarter of a century ago Futaba started providing the most comprehensive radio control product selection and service possible to hobbyists. Futaba systems and products were quickly accepted and acclaimed by flyers, drivers and enthusiasts alike.
Added on: 26-Sep-2005 | hits: 377
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Helger Racing  Popular
Helger Racing was established in October 1986 to provide a wholesale service to UK model shops who were experiencing great difficulties obtaining radio control accessories from America.
Added on: 30-Jun-2006 | hits: 896
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hotbodies  Popular
Great quality rc cars and trucks
Added on: 20-Sep-2005 | hits: 389
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Innovative-RC  Popular
Here at Innovative-RC we are dedicated to bringing you the best upgrades, mods & more at the best possible value while maintaining a very high quality standard that you as a customer would expect. All our products are produced on full CNC machines from 6061-T6 and 7075 Aluminum insuring every part is fully durable for your use while maintaining every part is precision made.
Added on: 25-Jun-2007 | hits: 1714
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JConcepts  Popular
With JConcepts you get the latest in innovative RC body designs, featuring the Illuzion line, including bodies to fit the Associated RC10B4, Losi XXX-BK2, Mugen MBX5 and Kyosho 777, Xray XB8, and Associated RC10T4, XXXT-MF2, MGT and LST Monster Trucks, custom or creative RC paint jobs, and the IFMAR World Champion BJ4 wheel drive kit, parts and accessories. Whether you are a local, club racer or a national competitor, JConcepts wants to keep you running at the top of your game.
Added on: 22-Oct-2005 | hits: 473
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jcracingproducts  Popular
JC Racing was established in 1989 as a precision engineering company with a passion for RC racing. The company has a history of innovation within the market including the introduction of the first ever spoke wheel, fitted to the Schumacher cat and is still in production today. The JC brand of quality wheels, tyres and accessories is well established and used by the fun runner and die hard racer alike. JC Racing is also the sole UK distributor for Louise RC and Werks Racing. This partnership with other manufacturers of premium RC parts enables the company to offer a comprehensive product range that delivers quality, value and performance. As distributors to the retail trade the company delivers a friendly and efficient service and a unique portfolio of products. Using knowledge gained from our own racing experience and working closely with drivers we continue to develop and offer products that give you the winning formula.
Added on: 12-Jul-2011 | hits: 2722
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JP Racing  Popular
Great racing products
Added on: 29-Oct-2005 | hits: 404
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King Headz  Popular
King Headz are designed for .12, .15 and .21 Nitro Engines. King Headz are made from 6262-T6 grade billet aluminum which is used in the aerospace and medical industries. King Headz are machined by precision CNC machines to guarantee excellent size control and superior finishes. King Headz are designed to be lightweight and rugged. These heads pass an increased amount of airflow and have a large surface area, which results in lower head temperatures and better fuel economy. King Headz allow leaner needle settings, which give you more power. Engines using King Headz run at operating temperatures of 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit (7 - 12.5 degrees Celsius) cooler than engines with a stock cast head.
Added on: 09-Jan-2007 | hits: 1315
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Logic RC  Popular
Logic RC UK Distributor
Added on: 06-Jan-2011 | hits: 2598
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Lunsford Racing  Popular
A great site offering some top quality RC option parts
Added on: 16-Nov-2006 | hits: 698
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Medial Pro  Popular
Producer of high quality race tyre's
Added on: 30-Jun-2006 | hits: 436
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MR Ninja - Engine Line  Popular
The complete MR NINJA engine line was born from an absolute new and high-tech industrial project, realized in Italy by GRP, under the technological supervision of Mario ROSSI. Thanks to the technological and futuristic research centre at GRP, the very first projects were realized, and it will allow a continuous future product development.
Added on: 03-Jan-2006 | hits: 489
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Mugen Seiki  Popular
Mugen Seiki Co., Ltd. is recognized for top quality Radio control gas powered Racing Car (Off-Road buggy, On-Road racing, and touring car) and related parts to around the world.
Added on: 26-Sep-2005 | hits: 371
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Nemo Racing  Popular
The Agama A8 is the latest 1/8th off-road car to hit the market. Born out of superior design and knowledge its already taking the market by storm. Super competitive price allied with outstanding durability make the A8 the natural choice from pro-racer to yard basher. With illustrious world renowned drivers already signed and driving the car the Agama A8 will be in the winners circle very soon. Performance and price, together with industry leading trackside support..........The Agama A8, it begins now..
Added on: 02-Sep-2010 | hits: 606
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Ninja Engine's  Popular
Ninja Engine's website
Added on: 16-Aug-2008 | hits: 390
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nosram  Popular
NOSRAM was a UK based manufacturer, who dominated the European racing scene with advanced electronic speed controls in the late 80's and early 90's. The winning history of the state of the art NOSRAM speed controls was equal to other leading brands then. Some of the best RC-drivers in the world were using NOSRAM speed controls. In early 2000, NOSRAM was taken over by LRP electronic, the world-wide leader in digital electronic speed controls. NOSRAM will now relaunch a complete line of R/C products, shortly starting with speed controls and more to follow soon.
Added on: 23-May-2006 | hits: 356
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odonnellracing  Popular
The O'Donnell name has become synonymous with top-quality products and race-winning performance. O'Donnell Manufacturing first came on the racing scene offering upgrades for nitro engines. In recent years, O'Donnell has been best known for glow plugs, aftermarket cooling heads, and — of course — O'Donnell Fuels. In fact, no other fuel brand has won more national titles than O'Donnell Fuels... or has earned such a widespread reputation as being THE highest-quality model fuel. Our dedication to excellence is now being carried into a new era — as O'Donnell introduces race-level products that fulfill the needs of all racers at any level.
Added on: 21-Apr-2006 | hits: 449
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OS Engines  Popular
O.S. Engines Website
Added on: 30-Apr-2005 | hits: 368
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OS Speed  Popular
New OS Speed Website
Added on: 21-Oct-2006 | hits: 1312
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Pacer Racing  Popular
Exclusive UK distributors for the Recab Racing range of modified motors, Pacer Racing silicon oil and Pacer Racing titanium screw sets.
Added on: 28-Sep-2005 | hits: 578
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Pit Buddy  Popular
The All New "PIT BUDDY" takes away all those problems with one useful organised accessory. Designed by Myself, a keen RC Racer, on the very latest SolidWorks 3D CAD Software, "PIT BUDDY" is made from the latest in materials a High Impact, Nitro Proof, UV Stable, hybrid Plastic, this material is virtually indestructible
Added on: 19-Nov-2007 | hits: 768
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Qoncepts  Popular
From Full Scale to Scaled Down, We Got You Covered
Added on: 23-Jan-2007 | hits: 473
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Race AKA  Popular
AKA features World-class products by World Champions. Mark Pavidis and Gil Losi, Jr., designers of the most successful off-road tires for the past decade and more, are teamed up to produce the best off-road racing tires for all types of radio control vehicles, including 1/8-scale buggies and truggies, 1/10 off-road buggies and trucks, and more. The combined knowledge of these two tire experts means AKA has the most tire design experience under one roof than any other company in the history of radio control racing. AKA products are also made in the USA to ensure the best quality, consistency, and value for our customers. No matter what kind of car or truck you drive - Kyosho®, Mugen Seiki®, Team Associated®, Team Losi®, XRay®, OFNA®, Jammin®, Traxxas®, HPI® and others, AKA has premium-quality racing tires and performance accessories that will improve the performance of your machine.
Added on: 26-Jul-2008 | hits: 1172
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RB Products  Popular
R&B Products was created in 1992 by Brigitte & Rody Roem, former World Champion RC car driver. RB Products is a company based in FRANCE Allevard(40Km from Grenoble). It employs 17 people. The main activity of RB is to create, develop and sell, worldwide, engines for competition RC cars.
Added on: 29-Aug-2005 | hits: 698
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RC Edit  Popular
EDIT is a completely new brand of tuning parts to "edit" the performance of your RC Car in every way possible. EDIT is launched by HPI Europe, part of HPI Racing, one of the leading and most established RC Car manufactures in the world, giving EDIT the credibility it deserves in the RC Car market.
Added on: 06-Mar-2006 | hits: 574
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rcscrewz  Popular
Great screw kits
Added on: 19-Nov-2005 | hits: 1297
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SIIM Racing  Popular
These new engines have been proved and tested for a long period of time to ensure their performance and quality are up to today's high standards, in order to rise the top positions at international races. Manufactured in Italy in collaboration with a prestigious engine builder, the SIIM PGR engine family will establish a new reference in the international market. Its high performance, durability and design will not go unnoticed for the expert audicences.
Added on: 19-Dec-2007 | hits: 700
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Spire model distribution  Popular
Spire model distribution is an efficient family run model distribution company located approximately 3 miles from the centre of Chesterfield in Derbyshire, England. Spire model distribution is headed by long time (27+ years racing)R/C racer Jamie Booth. Over the years Jamie has finished 3rd place In the IFMAR World championships for both 1/8th off road and 1/10th electric off road, been European champion in 1/10th off road and won numerous national championships in both 1/8th and 1/10th off road. Jamie's recent industry experience included working as HPI racing (Europe)product manager for 5 years.
Added on: 20-Jan-2007 | hits: 534
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Spire Model Distribution  Popular
Spire model distribution is an efficient family run model distribution company located approximately 3 miles from the centre of Chesterfield in Derbyshire, England. Chesterfield's most famous land mark is the church in the center which has a twisted spire, hence the name Spire model distribution
Added on: 23-Jan-2006 | hits: 722
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Team Magic  Popular
Team Magic develops & manufactures high quality radio controlled cars, optional parts & accessories based on the principle of quality & performance. In this site, we will be happy to help you to find the product which best suits your needs. Whichever Team Magic product you decide on, all of our products have one thing in common: high standards in design & technology.
Added on: 04-Nov-2005 | hits: 1924
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Team Tekin  Popular
Team Tekin website
Added on: 19-Mar-2007 | hits: 515
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Teamorion  Popular
Welcome to Team Orion's new website launched the summer of 2006. The new site is dedicated to bringing you the information you desire regarding Team Orion and other news from the R/C world.
Added on: 07-Jun-2006 | hits: 765
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Traxxas  Popular
About Traxxas! Traxxas was started in 1986 with an idea for what was at that time an entirely new concept for a fully assembled, hobby-class R/C car. This new car would have all the same benefits of a hobby-class kit such as replaceable parts, hop-ups, and a high-quality component radio system, however it would be fully assembled with a colorful body, right out of the box. Traxxas coined the term "Ready-To-Run" (RTR) to describe this new class. Since a fully assembled, ready-to-run car would appeal to the entry-level beginner, a toll-free customer support line was set up from day one to service an entirely new category of hobby consumer. At first, acceptance of the RTR concept was slow because traditional R/C kits had always been unassembled. Once people realized that a Traxxas RTR had the same performance and quality as the traditional R/C kits, only that they didn't have to build it, the ready-to-run Cat was a runaway hit! A kit version would still be offered for those who still wanted to have the building experience.
Added on: 06-Jan-2011 | hits: 2610
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Upgrade/ RCiD  Popular
Fantastic RC upgrade products
Added on: 08-Oct-2007 | hits: 1289
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VXR Racing Products  Popular
VXR Racing is a design and manufacturing company which produce high quality Radio Control Car related items. It was setup by a team equipped with a total of 35 man years in radio control racing experience. By understanding what a true racer needs, we will deliver them to all our valued customers.
Added on: 13-Feb-2006 | hits: 662
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Xtreme Rcracing  Popular
These guys make some great after market products/hopups.
Added on: 03-Nov-2006 | hits: 861
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