Tyro Round One Race Report By Glen Blunden

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Posted by admin on Apr 23, 2008 - 04:22 PM

Sorry its been so long coming but I needed a day and half to get over the weekend and with only 4 days left to get my car stripped and rebuilt fro the Panther cup I have been busy..

On arrival to the track my first impressions was that I did not look as big as it does in the photos. The track has very long straights and there were several of these so came the first dilemma for drivers, what clutch bell to use?
Sunday morning and there was to be one round of practice followed by 3 rounds off 5 five minute heats with the best two to count. The weather was very up and down, it had been raining on and off since 2am and although the sun was out the skies were black in front of us. Most drivers opted to go out on their first run on the famous Angle spikes with slight differences being which way round they were mounted.

After round 1 most of the problem free drivers had put in medium fast 7 lappers
with 10 of the top drivers getting the famous 8 lappers. Round 2 and the pretty
much of the same with no real shocks with 10 drivers getting the 8 lapper. On to
round three and now was the time to improve or fall, with the weather holding
off expect for a 10 minute quick little downpour the track was getting quicker
and 13 drivers had a 8 lapper.

It was now time for the finals A to F with 4 drivers bumping up from every
final. The TQ was taken by Jess Saunders running his prototype Kyhoso 777 that
he is working on together with J Quagraine.

The F and E finals were to 15 minutes with D to B finals being 20 minutes and a
25 minute A final.

The F final saw bump ups from John Knight, Ben Sharpless, Joe Adams and our
Richard Goozee.

The E final saw bump ups from Eric Wilcock, Brian Mcginty, Chris Deacon and
Mathew Nobbs.

The D Final saw Eric Wilcock winning his second final and getting the bump
together with Paul Gill, Ricky Burnett and John Kickham.

The C final saw Kevin Weaver, Steve Hawkins, Mark Byrne and Paul Gill getting
another bump up.

The B final and a place in the A was at steak. Robert Cork, Tony Bolwell, Pete
Stevens and Richard Palmer were the lucky four.

The start of the A final saw Jess Saunders keep his lead until lap 6 When Jim
Davis managed to take it away from him but Jess got it back on lap 18. These two
drivers battled it out until lap 44 where Greg Hill who had been battling it out
with a few drivers for third came and snatched the lead on lap 45, which saw a
very bizarre turn of events. Jess, Jim, Greg and Mark Knight (who had made his
way up to forth now) all ran out of fuel. With the timer out it was down to Glyn
Morgan with the hard job of clearing this matter up. The final ruling was who
ran out of fuel furthers round the track declared the winner then onto second,
third etc etc.

The final results was reviled with shock and a few drivers not being very happy
but all in all a very good race meet in which we was blessed by the weather and
some good controlled drivers from all roll on round 2.

Glen Blunden

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