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Dartford Race Track TYRO 2008

It was a rather early start for most of the drivers who opted to drive up/down for the day to attend Round 3 of the 2008 Tyro's at Dartford Race Track. With a lot of the entrants having never raced at this track before it was going to be a very interesting day indeed. This is one of those tracks that you will love when things go right however you will learn extremely fast that when you make mistakes you are highly unlikely to get away with them.

The surface was prepped however there was a light loose covering around certain sections of the track which was approximately half a cm deep. This was to prove very interesting during the first round of timed practice as the track was loose and traction minimal. This was however short lived as it was almost like unwrapping a present, as the cars powered round the track they were moving some of the loose surface to the outside and off the racing line in addition we were all treated to nature at its best the heavy winds were generating a mini dust storm the likes I have never seen before at DRT. This opened the racing gates and with heat one in full swing . One of the features that the majority of drivers had altercations with was the fan rumble strip causing countless problems if attempted to be taken with too much speed.


Round 1 Qualifying top 10

Jess Saunders Took round one

Pos Name Result
1 Jess Saunders 8/ 5m 13.40
2 Marc Knight 8/ 5m 17.25
3 Scott Micheal 8/ 5m 25.44
4 Jim Davis 8/ 5m 25.63
5 Robert Cork 8/ 5m 28.18
6 Keith Robertson 8/ 5m 28.44
7 Bryan Burrows 8/ 5m 28.94
8 Simon Tooley 8/ 5m 29.97
9 Pete Stevens 8/ 5m 34.68
10 Reece Asby 8/ 5m 37.08

Round 2 top 10 qualifying

Keith Robertson took round 2

Pos Name Result
1 Keith Robertson 8/ 5m 18.89
2 Reece Asby 8/ 5m 25.82
3 Marc Knight 8/ 5m 28.08
4 Scott Micheal 8/ 5m 28.27
5 Jess Saunders 8/ 5m 29.15
6 Simon Tooley 8/ 5m 30.06
7 Richard Palmer 8/ 5m 32.43
8 Pete Stevens 8/ 5m 32.84
9 Mark Tarrier 8/ 5m 37.52
10 Jim Davis 8/ 5m 39.17

In between rounds 2 and 3 a drivers briefing was called to request all drivers improve there driving standard to the level that is expected of them

Round 3 top 10 Qualifying

Marc Knight Took round 3 and TQ for the Day

Marc's TQ Novarossi 367 powered Losi 8ight Buggy

Pos Name Result
1 Marc Knight 8/ 5m 21.92
2 Keith Robertson 8/ 5m 24.37
3 Jess Saunders 8/ 5m 30.58
4 Scott Micheal 8/ 5m 32.55
5 Andrew Webb 8/ 5m 37.68
6 Steve Webb 8/ 5m 40.09
7 Jim Davis 8/ 5m 40.35
8 Reece Asby 8/ 5m 42.46
9 Ricky Burnett 8/ 5m 42.65
10 Matthew Lewis 8/ 5m 45.77

Overall Qualifying For the A-Main best 2 of 3 to Count

The A-Main was set to be a top race with the top 3 positions having all taken 1 round of qualifying a piece. Now lets meet the drivers who had achieved the ultimate goal of the day and made it into the top final.

Pos Name Result Score Round(s)
1 Marc Knight 8/ 5m 17.25 3 [2 (3) 1]
2 Keith Robertson 8/ 5m 18.89 3 [(6) 1 2]
3 Jess Saunders 8/ 5m 13.40 4 [1 (5) 3]
4 Scott Micheal 8/ 5m 25.44 7 [3 4 (4)]
5 Reece Asby 8/ 5m 25.82 10 [(10) 2 8]
6 Jim Davis 8/ 5m 25.63 11 [4 (10) 7]
7 Simon Tooley 8/ 5m 29.97 14 [8 6 (19)]
8 Andrew Webb 8/ 5m 37.68 17 [12 (12) 5]
9 Pete Stevens 8/ 5m 32.84 17 [9 8 (16)]
10 Robert Cork 8/ 5m 28.18 18 [5 (38) 13]
11 Steve Webb 8/ 5m 40.09 19 [(20) 13 6]

A Main Race

Cars to the line lets take a quick look at

After a good start marc Knight settled into the lead followed by Jess Saunders and Keith Robertson hot on his heels. on lap 2 with Marc still out in the lead Keith moved up into second and Jess moved down into third place. this order was to remain until lap 9 where the positions would shuffle around again with keith moving into the lead followed by Jess then Marc lap 10 and 11 saw an exchange of position between Marc and Jess which by lap 12 would be re shuffled yet again. with Keith still out in the lead and Jess in 2nd place and Marc in 3rd until lap 18

Keith was really settled out in front and slowly stretching his lead a position he would remain in all the way to the end of the race. Marc and Jess were still battling for 2nd and 3rd place until lap 21 where Jess appeared to miss the timing loop which caused him to drop down to 6th place and Neil Saunders who had been working his way through the pack moved into 3rd place and Richard Palmer into 4th spot.

Lap 23 saw an interesting turn of events as Marc suffered an engine cut which caused him to drop down the order to 6th place and allowed Richard and Neil to take full advantage and move into 2nd and 3rd respectively with Jess coming back very strong in 4th. Lap 24 saw another change in the running order with Neil dropping down to 6th place and Jess moving up into 3rd followed closely by Scott Micheal in the number 4 spot.

By lap 27 things settled a little and we had a running order of Keith still out in the lead but in second we now had Marc Knight followed by Scott who on lap 34 found the gap and passed Marc into 2nd place a position he would hold to the end of the race with Marc in 3rd place. Jess was running 4th.

Keith Robertson Taking the win and round 3 of the 2008 Tyro's

With jess having an issue about the missed lap Jess Took the option of Raising a protest that comes inline with section 14b of the BRCA Handbook that states [B] Protests must be made within 5 minutes of the publication of the results in question.

The protest period of 5 minutes commences when the results are published on the Results Board and announced as such. In Conjunction with A statement Made By Marc Knight That Jess had in fact Passed Marc around Lap 21 and which was also substantiated By a number of drivers that had agreed Jess Should have been in 2nd Place, inline with the Protests Procedure the Missing Lap was awarded along with Second Place,

The final Results were :

Keith Robertson 44/30m33.11

Jess Saunders 43/30m12.78

Scott Micheal 43/30m31.79

A-Main Final Results

Pos Car Name Result
1 2 Keith Robertson 44/30m 33.11
2 3 Jess Saunders 43/30m 12.78c
3 4 Scott Micheal 43/30m 31.79
4 1 Marc Knight 43/30m 45.33
5 13 Richard Palmer 42/30m 20.41
6 12 Bryan Burrows 41/30m 4.54
7 6 Jim Davis 41/30m 13.07
8 7 Simon Tooley 41/30m 32.60
9 10 Robert Cork 40/30m 9.57
10 9 Pete Stevens 39/30m 5.16
11 14 Neil Saunders 37/29m 28.30
12 11 Steve Webb 34/28m 9.02
13 8 Andrew Webb 33/24m 58.17
14 5 Reece Asby 13/ 9m 30.64


Full Race Results and Overall Standings for the Series can be found: HERE [1]

For Photo's From the event look : HERE [2]


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