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Posted by admin on Sep 02, 2008 - 03:25 AM

This last weeknd was the 3rd Apex GP which was held at Slough. Ive raced the previous years & normally had good results but most of all fun.
Adrian & his crew did not let us down & on arrival the track looked spot on pity the weather would make it sticky for a bit.
For me i had not raced at slough this year so it was two days practice prior to the national. With as good as a full entry racing would be fast & as the track poilished up grip was high & the track became what felt super fast.
All my qualifying runs where good but not clean so each had a bobble or marshal incident, but put it in the semi.
My day was one for testing tyres so feedback was gained & the setup honed to give for me what was a well balanced car.

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