Sam Taylor Slough Rallycross National

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Posted by admin on Oct 02, 2008 - 11:14 AM

Sam Taylor Rallycross National Slough


So here we are again on the national scene and on our way to one of my favourite circuits of the year,
Now Slough can resemble the surface of the moon for much of the year but for the big meetings its always 'tip top turf' and as we expected it was nice and smooth but a little damp- yes you did hear that right and not one puddle!

This is one of my local tracks so no nightlife to report on at slough but im sure judging by some of the Hangovers i witnessed many of the boys found somewhere to get themselves into trouble.....

Practise started in sticky conditions and tires pretty much all worked the same after getting a coating of wet slough clay, a top ten run showed i wasn't too far away and so didn't make any changes for the start of qualifying.
Again a top ten run in the first round kept the smile on my face and only tires were to be changed for round two as by now the quick drying circuit was - drying quick!!

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