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Posted by admin on Jun 29, 2009 - 01:13 PM

Buggy-Pitstop.com: Team Associated have released the new RC8B. What are the main difference they have made between the old RC8 and the new RC8B?


Josh Pain: Obviously from the photos, are the new blue aluminum shock towers, which transform the car into a totally different machine from the old model. Along with other changes, are new steering geometry, plastics and a hot set of aluminum pivot blocks. Things that donít stand out are things like lightweight engine mount and the new battery box and the list goes on.


All I can say is that since I have been running the new car, my results have gone from mid pack to the pointy end of the field, with two top qualifiers, 3 pole positions and a title win this year at Nationals Series Events.

I think that speaks for itself as far as how much better the new car is.

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