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Brennan Ralls 2008 Race Report

Sunday the 7th of Feb saw Rnd 6 of the Slough winter series, after several cancelled events which is unheard of for the club the weekend was a go & a fantastic turn out with 7 full heats . The dirt was damp & just sticky, enough to give real high grip but not enough to clog & make the cars heavy. A good showing from kyosho With Kevin Brunsden Tommy Chung & Mike Waller. Losi & Lee Martin  AE With Tony Truman, Rob Racey & uncle Bob Ryan. Mugen team  of Pete Awesome Stevens, & Yanos.  Xray with yours truly Bren, Reece Sawyer , Dell, Eaton, Kennet added to what was to be a great day.

Rnd 1 for me was a clean run although safe just opted to keep it on its wheels going 5th in rnd. Lee Martin took TQ & from memory Reece tony & mike.
Rnd 2 several changes to wheel base, front shock oil & position, a tyre change to bowfighter as well for good measure gave me a more racier feel to the car. A grip roll on the last lap cost time on what had been a good run  & 5th in Rnd again. Again Lee took TQ Tommy, tony & Yanos squeezing above me.
Rnd 3 Happy with the feel of the car in balance opted for revolvers to suit conditions, this gave a loose feel but faster in the turns. A fast clean run put me 4th in Rnd & 5th overall on the grid. This time Kevin took the round With lee & Tommy just in front of me.
The grid would be Martin, Brunsden, Chung, Truman, Ralls, Waller , Sawyer & more to give a grid of 14.

The final was a clean start yep you heard it me & clean start  Shocked & into 4th, Tommy binned it giving himself lots to do. Here i stayed pulling away with Martin, Brunsden & Truman to a comfy buffer on 5th. A couple of unlucky bobbles lost me the tow but still 4th, an unsettled in lap for fuel cost me & put me in the pack but the 10 minute stop always helps & would get me out of jail later. Kevin cut & lost to much time to challenge, with Reece flying through to suffer a similar fate near the end.
The second half of the race for me was clean & just waited for my time finishing 4th just a few seconds behind Mike Waller. Happy with the day & performance being nice to play at slough again, thanks to Adrian & Ben for pitting top crew even if i did ignore your first fuel call. The joy of being able to see the big clock helped.
Hey Reece like uncle Bob says if you can beat em you don't need em, unlucky bud maybe next time  Grin

My setup for today
Brennan Ralls Slough 07-02-2010

Herts probably next week or maybe Clanfield undecided all weather dependent.

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