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Posted by admin on Jul 18, 2011 - 03:05 PM

Sunday the 17th of July and Team Nemo headed to Clanfield for round 6 of the UK BRCA national series. A very wet Saturday gave many concerns if the meeting would go ahead but after all that water the track in the morning had just soaked it up or drained it away. A well prepared track with many jumps & undulations made for an interesting drive, the surface was now damp so there was very little tire wear. The Hard packed surface would be a very fast & furious.

Two rounds of practice were welcomed by the racers with the Nemo, Agama, Bullitt drivers right on the pace. For Nemo the usual suspects of Hazlewood, Ralls, Svensson, Brunsden, Cuss, Skidmore, Millman, Riviera, Cole & local Clanfield Club drivers but on the team none the less Wolfe & Kerr were all in the mix. Along with Bullitt only runners, Barton, Conroy, Williams, Kong.

Round 1 started dry but would finish in a down poor. Kerr & Ralls would head the team for this round with a 7th & 9th, Wolfe in 11th gave 3 agama's straight in the mix.

The event now got delayed due to heavy rain for some 2 hours, as the track got cleared from water it would only down poor again & flood it all again. This happened several times but eventually the rain eased for racing to resume again.

Round 2 Wolfe & Kerr out early so conditions at there best posting good times, Hazlewood now back up to speed & in the top 10. Ralls getting the worst of the track as it went heavy & sticky so a non run really in time.

Round 3 Wolfe again a good run & secured an A main place, Hazlewood also the A. Ralls on pace for 2nd in round but an unlucky bump threw his car off the track with a slow marshall due to conditions would start from the B. Kerr another good run & secured his place in the B.

To finals with a rapidly drying track Cuss & Milman both with days to forget sterted from the H. Millman bumped several finals till his run of bumps ended with a cut mid track, in the shortened finals due to rain delays was unable to gain the the time back.

Brunsden from the F bumped to join Skidmore, Riviera & Cole in the E, from here Skidmore bumped to the D to join all his main competitors in the Junior title race and he would finish 6th with a awesome drive in the very bumpy conditions.

The C final had a great mix of Nemo product being used. With no less than 5 Bullitt’s running!

The B up next with both Ralls & Kerr getting away clean , Kerr lost drive so dropped out but Ralls was right in the fight of this fast freight train. An unlucky bobble in the jumps threw him from the track & back to 9th with lots to do now. With 3 minutes to go Ralls had fought back to 5th & right in the fight for the bump spot but this again was a 4 car battle & crossed the line in 5th.

The A Final began and Wolfe got tagged & dropped right back but Hazlewood got the rub of luck and was in to 5th, the top 5 pulled away fast from the rest of the pack. Hazlewood looked racey & back to his old self & the hunger to move to the front was clear to see and a podium position looked possible. By mid point an unlucky bump cost him some time to the front few but shortly after that an intermittent servo problem kept kicking in so although he kept going to the end any change of a challenge was over. Wolfe showed good pace but fighting in this sort of caliber of driver means being super fast just to hold station but truly a sterling drive for him & a wonderful result.

Well that was it, another National over. 4 Agama's in the top 20, 3 Bullitt”s in the hands of Hazlewood, Barton & Williams in the main, with Williams coming all the way from the E final with his!

Another great day for Team Nemo.

Bren Ralls

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