HNMC winter round 1 09-10-2011 Reeves dominates TLR top Three

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Posted by admin on Oct 13, 2011 - 03:04 PM

Rallycross Top 3

Pos Name Result Model Engine/Motor
1 Simon Reeves 28/20m 43.04 losi 8ight2.0 eu Nitrotec R21
2 Richard Barton 27/20m 3.46 losi 8ight2.0 eu Bullitt B-218
3 Keith Newton 27/20m 29.14 losi 8ight2.0 eu Nitrotec R21
4 Steve Biscoe 27/20m 36.79 Bergonzoni R1 Werks B6 pro
5 Steve Johnson 26/20m 3.05 Mugen MBX6 Ninja
6 Tom Saggers 26/20m 23.97 Mugen MBX6 Novarossi
7 Jim Thompson 26/20m 38.90 losi 8ight2.0 eu Novarossi
8 Jon Hazlewood 25/19m 44.07 Agama A8 EVo Novarossi
9 Darren Hayden-ball 25/20m 4.01 losi 8ight2.0 eu Nitrotec R21
10 Richard Cousins 25/20m 5.45 Durango OS MAX
11 Robert York 25/20m 28.51 Kyosho MP-9 OS Speed
12 Garry Brace 24/20m 10.76 losi 8ight2.0 eu Nitrotec R21
13 Jordan Howell 24/20m 13.05 Mugen MBX6 OS Speed

With heavy rain overnight the start was delayed till 10:30 to allow the track to dry out. 61 racers made the trip the club had kept the same layout since the national as this layout is proving very popular. The track was tacky in round one but was dry buy round two the club was running four rounds with 20minute finals as this would be the last long race day for 2011.

Simon Reeves took all four runs in qualifying in the buggy class Losi Nitrotec and Mark Gregory taking TQ Truggy class with Losi RB.


Truggy Top 3

Pos Name Result Model Engine/Motor
1 Simon Miller 27/20m 35.10 Hot Bodies OS Speed
2 Rob Gray 24/18m 48.21 8ight-T 2.0 Orion CRF MTE
3 Phil Saggers 24/20m 11.46 MBX6T Novarossi
4 Rhys Herd 24/20m 17.25 8ight-T 2.0 Novarossi
5 Colin Drummond 24/20m 23.20 MBX6T Novarossi
6 Rod Adams 24/20m 32.62 8ight-T 2.0 OS MAX
7 James Morl 23/20m 46.03 8ight-T 2.0 Losi 454
8 Justin White 21/20m 35.85 AE RC8T Reedy
9 Mark Gregory 7/ 5m 19.36 8ight-T 2.0 Nitrotec R21


E Buggy 1st Albert Donoghue 2nd Rebecca Stone 3rd Sean Collier

D Buggy 1st Ashley Roat 2nd Peter Bird 3rd Liam Dawney

C Buggy 1st Josh Johnson 2nd Oliver Currie 3rd Jamie Clancy

B Buggy 1st Jordan Howell 2nd Rob York 3rd Gary Brace

Round 2 23-10-2011 Bookin HERE [1]

Full meeting results can be found : HERE [2]

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