HNMC Winter Round 4 Barton wins under lights!

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Posted by admin on Nov 25, 2011 - 03:26 PM

Winter Rallycross RD4 Winners

Pos Name Result Model Engine/Motor
1 Richard Barton 22/15m 40.39 Agama A8 EVo Bullitt B-218
2 Karl Jackson 21/15m 10.04 losi 8ight2.0 eu Nitrotec R21
3 Chris Doughty 21/15m 18.94 Team Durango DNX408 LRP
4 Reece Sawyer 21/15m 31.81 RC8.2 Bullitt B-218
5 Tom Saggers 21/15m 35.63 Mugen MBX6 Novarossi
6 Steve Biscoe 21/15m 39.07 Bergonzoni R1 Werks B6 pro
7 Jim Thompson 20/15m 27.54 losi 8ight2.0 eu Novarossi
8 Charles Godwin 20/15m 32.59 Associated RC8 Reedy
9 Robert York 20/15m 37.31 Kyosho MP-9 OS Speed
10 Wesley Robinson 19/15m 13.11 Kyosho MP-9 OS Speed
11 Mark Tatman 19/15m 32.64 Agama A8 EVo Bullitt B-218
12 Jon Hazlewood 18/13m 17.25 Agama A8 EVo Bullitt B-218
13 Janos Nagy 14/10m 48.56 losi 8ight2.0 eu Nitrotech R21
14 Callum Niblett 11/ 8m 55.42 Team Durango DNX408 LRP
15 Tommy Chung 2/ 1m 39.89 Kyosho MP-9 orion

With the good spell for winter weather continuing a large entry meant a large turn out of 87 drivers. The track had been rolled in the week ensuring a smooth slick track grip was hard to find all day.
Qualify was a fight between Jon Hazlewood, Karl Jackson and Chris Doughty with Karl Jackson taking TQ Tommy Chung plus Reece Sawyer were up there as well.

Rob Gray dominated the truggy class taking all three rounds with John Geaves not far behind.

Finals were all 15mins long with top three bunping up.
F Final Buggy 1st Hai Chu 2nd Pedro Diaz 3rd Adam Smith
E Final Buggy 1st Michael Dainel 2nd John Naill 3rd Philip Michael
D Final Buggy 1st Mick Riviere 2nd John Niall 3rd Michael Dainel
C Final buggy 1st Matt Jessop 2nd Oliver Curry 3rd Nino Athanasiou
B Final Buggy 1st Jim Thompson 2nd Wesley Robinson 3rd Tom Saggers
Truggy Winners

Pos Name Result Model Engine/Motor
1 Rob Gray 21/15m 36.42 Losi 8ight-T 2.0 Orion CRF MTE
2 John Geaves 20/15m 43.97 mbx6t Picco P3
3 Keith Harris 19/15m 3.29 mbx6t Argus 
4 Colin Drummond 18/15m 7.28 mugen mbx6t Novarossi
5 Rod Adams 18/15m 13.81 mugen mbx6t OS XZ-B
6 Phil Saggers 18/15m 16.48 mbx6t Novarossi 
7 Rebecca Stone 17/14m 59.97 Losi 8ight-T 2.0 Novarossi 
8 Harry Phillips 17/15m 2.26 mbx6t Novarossi 
9 Andy Key 16/15m 2.11 Losi 8ight-T Losi 454
10 Ross Mason 16/15m 55.13 Losi 8ight-T 2.0 Aplha
11 George Tollman 11/11m 28.09 Losi 8ight-T 2.0 Novarossi
12 Rhys Herd 5/ 3m 56.72 Losi 8ight-T 2.0 Novarossi
13 Grant Hatcher 1/ 50.18 mbx6t Sirio
14 Brinley Tourle DNS Hong Nor X2-CRT losi 

Nemo Racing at HNMC

Full Meeting Results HERE [1]
Thanks to all for a great meeting next meeting 04-12-2011 Bookin HERE [2]

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