HNMC Winter round 7 Boots Win Tyre Wars

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Posted by admin on Jan 25, 2012 - 03:30 PM


Pos Name Result Model Engine/Motor
1 Elliot Boots 26/15m 21.02 Kyosho MP-9 RB
2 Tony Truman 25/15m 26.68 RC8.2 Reedy
3 Brennan Ralls 24/15m 6.16 Agama A8 EVo Bullitt B-218
4 Simon Reeves 24/15m 14.12 losi 8ight2.0 eu Nitrotec R21
5 Jon Hazlewood 24/15m 14.18 Agama A8 EVo Bullitt B-218
6 Sam Taylor 24/15m 15.27 Hong Nor X3 -
7 Matt Perry 24/15m 17.73 Kyosho MP-9 Argus 
8 Tommy Chung 24/15m 30.74 Kyosho MP-9 orion
9 Mike Cradock 24/15m 34.75 Kyosho MP-9 Orion
10 Simon Miller 22/15m 3.21 Ansmann X8 OS Speed
11 Stewart Wilcox 22/15m 7.07 Kyosho MP-9 orion
12 Jamie Holmes 22/15m 8.90 Kyosho MP-9 Novarossi
13 Steve Johnson 22/15m 17.44 MBX 6R Ninja
14 Reece Sawyer 17/11m 18.20 RC8.2 Bullitt B-218
15 Callum Niblett 16/15m 6.74 Hong Nor X3 LRP

The weather again was in the clubs favour with most of the track under water on Friday the astro track was ready, but with a change in, the weather a great work carried out on Saturday by the Club and Westmill Farm the track dirt track was ready to race. 83 drivers were set to race the layout was quite different layout for this meeting.

The tyre war between AKA, JC and Beta raged throughout qualifying with conditions changing driver changed tyres trying to get the advantage.
Elliot Boots took TQ in Buggy (AKA) Rob Gray took TQ in Truggy (AKA)
Due too a few Computer issues all day the finals were only 15mins due too tine lost.
F Final Buggy 1st Peter Bird 2nd J|amie Walden 3rd Gavin Williams
E Final Buggy 1st Jordan Howell 2nd Wayne Buckhorn 3rd Peter Bird
D Final Buggy 1st Michael Denial 2nd Darren Warburton 3rd Will Bogie
C Final Buggy 1st James Wright 2nd Jim Thompson 3rd Gary Brace
B Final Buggy 1st Steve Johnson 2nd Jamie Holmes 3rd Callum Niblett
A Final Truggy 1st Ross Whitelock (Serpent) 2nd Rod Adams (Mugen) 3rd Phil Saggers (Mugen)

We had a quick chat with Chris Boots after the meeting and he was appy with Elliots Kyosho Novarossi and AKA package for 2012.
So AKA won this War bookin for round 8 05-02-2012 HERE [1]

Full Meeting results can be found HERE [2]

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