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Posted by admin on Feb 16, 2012 - 02:45 PM

Piraterc SRS 2012

As announced previously, we will have 5 rounds this year, with your best 3 to count.

Dates and venues as follows:

13 May - Herts [1]
3 June - Swindon [2]
15 July - Kent [3]
5 August - Adur [4]
2 September - Clanfield [5]

Links above to each club's web site for details on location/facilities etc for those who may not know all the clubs involved.

Booking in will be via RC Race Control and I'll post up the link as soon as I've sorted the final details and opened entry.

I'm including seperate entry classes for rallycross, electric rallycross and truggy so I can get a better idea of numbers - please ensure you select the correct class and include all the requested information!!

In case you're not aware, using RC Race Contol incurs fees for the organisers for each person that books in, whether they turn up on the day and pay or not. Could I please therefore ask that you only book in if you fully intend to turn up. If your plans change then please withdraw your entry before the cut-off date. If I get a lot of people not showing up without explanation beforehand I will cancel their future entries as a precaution.

Looking forward to a great summer of racing#


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  [1] http://'http://www.hertsnitromodelclub.co.uk/'
  [2] http://'http://www.swindonmodelcarclub.co.uk/'
  [3] http://'http://www.kmrc.co.uk/'
  [4] http://'http://www.adurrc.org/'
  [5] http://'http://www.clanfieldrc.co.uk/'