The Midlands Super Cup 2013

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Round 1:
April 27/28 LEDBURY
Bookin In Opens: 1st March
Booking In Closes: 26th April @ 10pm
Round 2:
May 18/19 FRANKLEY
Bookin In Opens: 29th April
Booking In Closes: 17th May @ 10pm
Round 3:
June 22/23 NENE
Bookin In Opens: 20th May
Booking In Closes: 21st June @10pm
Round 4:
July 20/21 DEERDALE
Bookin In Opens: 24th May
Booking In Closes: 19th July @ 10pm
Round 5:
Aug 17/18 NRC
Bookin In Opens: 22nd July
Booking In Closes: 16th August @ 10pm
Round 6:
Sept 28/29 COVENTRY
Bookin In Opens: 19th August
Booking In Closes: 27th September @ 10pm
Round 7:
Oct 26/27 NDOR
Bookin In Opens: 30th September
Booking In Closes: 25th October @ 10pm
7 Rounds with 4 to count.


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